Hi Everyone! We are down to the last couple of days left in the Kickstarter. At this point we’ve raised about $20,000. We couldn’t be happier with the success of the Kickstarter, and everyone’s enthusiasm over the game we developed! In case you haven’t been paying close attention to the […]

Love Formula Kickstarter About to Close

Hello Love Formula Fans! It’s been an incredible experience watching the Kickstarter fund so quickly and seeing stretch goal, after stretch goal get unlocked! Thank you, so much, to everyone who’s been supporting the game since we launched our first Kickstarter for the game at Anime Expo last year! And what […]

Love Formula Comes to Anime Expo 2017!

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Hi Everyone! We’ve partnered with Japanime Games to re-release Love Formula! It’s coming back to Kickstarter on June 27th, 2017! Check it out! buff.ly/2spTx53 Stay tuned, there will be more to come! I guess I have to update the Love Formula website now… XD

Love Formula is Back!

At Ninja-con this weekend, we are planning on testing out some changes to the game based on feedback from TitanCon. We’ve tried to make some of the cards clearer and added a random discard mechanic. Here are the changes: The Part-time Job card now explicitly states that it can never be […]

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